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Product Licensing Characters - Snowy

Product Licensing Characters from Small World Design - Esmeralda

Over twenty years in the market specialising in producing children's literature and merchandise has meant we have built up a large portfolio of characters.

Children's characters for product licensing include Snowy as shown to the left, Jolly Roger, Jimbo, Mr Balloons, Mr Wolf, Sisters, Timothy 1, Timothy 2, Timothy 3, Watchdog, Zoo Keeper and Esmeralda. Click on each of the other character names to see large images.

These are just a few of the children's characters from a very comprehensive portfolio that are available for projects.

All our characters have international appeal and interest has been shown by publishers, toy and product manufacturers, animation houses and cable television.

We would be happy to talk to any interested parties in the UK or worldwide to discuss licensing terms, agreements or contracts.

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