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Children's 3D Card Construction Kits - Farm

Children's 3D Card Constrution Kit -  Farm

Our range of children's 3D card construction kits are safe and colourful for easy construction and imaginative play for young children.

We currently have 5 different children's 3D card construction kits in this range- a Farm as shown in the image above, a Castle, Noah's Ark, a Play House and a Nativity Christmas Crib all of which we created and designed for a UK manufacturer.

Have fun running and organising this children's 3D card construction farm, complete with farming family, farm house, pigsty, chicken coop, duck pond, farm tractor, machinery and a selection of friendly farm animals.

The children's 3D card construction kits are supplied as a flatpack and can be stored away after play in the useful see through storage bag.

The Farm and other children's children's 3D card construction kits are ideal fun educational resources for parents, nursery and primary school teachers to encourage numeracy, colour co-ordination, dexterity and recognition in children aged 3 and above.

Click on the link to see our Bags of Fun card characters which are another example of our 3D card construction kits.

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