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Children's Fiction and Children's Poetry Books

 from King Ken's Kingdom - A children's fiction book written and illustrated by Small World Design

Our children's book writer and illustrator have written and illustrated a wide range of children's fiction and children's poetry books over the years including King Ken's Kingdom, a children's fiction book written for children 7+.

King Ken's Kingdom brings alive zany tales of chaos in a medieval castle. Step back into history and medieval hayhem.

Visit the castle and meet a host of hopeless servants, musically inept heralds, flea ridden animals and hunting hounds, really revolting peasants, Sir Oswald the "Orrible",as shown in the image here, and King Ken's truly awful family and much much more... Each page also contains historical facts and figures.

To see another image from King Ken's Kingdom click here.

At Small World Design we have also written other children's fiction books and children's poetry books including:

As packagers we can write, illustrate and design children's fiction books and poetry books in-house to suit your requirements.

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