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Children's Fiction and Children's Poetry Books

Lexie and Friends Phonics Books Set 2

Lexie Mouse Design Ltd, our sister company, working in partnership with Dyslexie Font B.V, have designed and developed a new range of children's products incorporating the Dyslexie Font. This unique font allows children with or without dyslexia to enjoy the learning process together!

"Lexie Mouse and Friends"' are an exciting range of colour banded, early years books for children, introducing a group of cool mice - Lexie, Jools, Jaz, Toots, Roxy, Mo and Fang the dog!

The coloured book band sets comprise of 7 books aimed at early readers and they are designed to fit in with current, common book bands used within KS1 classrooms. These delightful and fun books will make a great addition to any school library or home.
Book Band Colour Levels:
Lilac - Pre-readers and Phase 1
Pink - Phase 2
Red - Phase 2 and 3
Yellow- Phases 3 and 4
Blue - Phases 4 and 5
Green - Phase 5
Orange - Phase 5 and 6

The 7 books in the Lexie and Friends Phonic Books Set 2, which follows on from Set 1 are:
My Day
Fang's Red Sock
A Day at the Sea
Trouble at the Farm
Rockets, Stars and Plobs
Mo's Shadow
Hello Fang

The picture below shows 4 pages from the Hello Fang book in Set 2.

4 pages from the Hello Fang book in Set 2

The Lexie Mouse and Friends Phonics Books Set 2 contains 7 paperback books.
Age: 3 to 7 years
Pages per book: 12 to 24 pages
The book sets are designed for children of varying ages and reading abilities.
Children start with the lilac and pink books and work their way through the various colours and phases.
Young readers can follow the adventures of Lexie Mouse and friends as they progress through the various books and reading levels.

This set is available to buy from our distribution partner Bigjigs Toys or TTS Educational supplies. Click here to buy from TTS Educational supplies now.

At Small World Design we have also written other children's fiction books and children's poetry books including:

As packagers we can write, illustrate and design children's fiction books and poetry books in-house to suit your requirements.

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