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Children's Carpets

Map of Europe children's carpet designed by Small World Design for Sport and Playbase Ltd

We have created, designed and illustrated a range of children's carpets for Sport and Playbase Limited and Smart International Business Development (SIBD) for the UK market and worldwide.

Children's carpets designed by us include:

  • A 200mm x 3000mm map of Europe carpet designed for Sport and Playbase Ltd as shown. A brightly coloured children's carpet showing the different countries of Europe with all the flags around the edge. Ideal for teaching children about the political geography of Europe.

  • A 3000mm radius transport 1/4 circle carpet also designed for SIBD showing a wide range of different types of transport vehicles including a helicopter, hovercraft, car, bus, tractor, rocket, submarine and many others.
  • A 3000mm circular clock carpet designed for SIBD. A fun clock carpet to help small children learn to tell the time.

  • A 400mm x 3000mm numbers and alphabet carpet designed for SIBD.

To see another example of children's carpets or children's playmats or children's exercise mats we have created, designed and illustrated click on the links. Our illustrator / designer and writer can create children's carpets, playmats or exercise mats in-house to suit your requirements.

BUY - Our range of educational children's carpets, playmats and rugs including the European Map Carpet / Rug shown above are available to buy direct from Sport and Playbase Ltd.

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