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Can Singapore maths make our children fall in love with long division?

This very interesting article appeared in The Times newspaper supplement on Sept 14 2015 and relates to the same project that was awarded the TES Schools Award 2014 Winner for Numeracy and Maths that is detailed further below.

Click here to read the full article.

It is a project very close to our hearts at Small World Design as we have worked with the Maths Mastery team for around 3 years + designing and illustrating the material for the Maths Mastery project.

We work closely with the team on this project and feel privileged to have been a part of this milestone in maths teaching in the UK.

TES Schools Awards 2014 WINNER for Numeracy and Maths

Illustration and Design work for Mathematics Mastery - ARK Schools

We have recently heard that one of our current clients has received a prestigious award for a project we illustrate and design for them.

The Mathematics Mastery team which is part of the ARK Schools network of high-achieving, non-selective schools and one of the country’s top-performing academy groups has won in association with Ark Atwood Primary Academy in London, the TES Schools Awards 2014 WINNER for Numeracy and Maths.

At a recent meeting with the Maths Mastery team in London we were congratulated for our excellent illustration and design work in producing child friendly artwork and design for the programme. Teachers and children both loved the illustrations, which encouraged the children to engage with the maths learning process.

Some of the comments made at the TES award ceremony in July 2014 in London include:

“This is simply an example of the brilliant application of a brilliant programme achieving brilliant results. Well done.”

TES judges discovered, “Within one year of implementing the programme, the schools Year 1 students were achieving well beyond national expectations. Most strikingly, all students reacted positively to Mathematics Mastery, the achievement gap between free school meals students and their peers was not statistically significant.”

Daniel Upfield, Headteacher of ARK Atwood received the award along with Stephanie Lester, Year 1 teacher and Sara Castledine, Head of School Development at Maths Mastery. Daniel commented, “It’s wonderful to receive this recognition of the work we have done. I want to thank our maths teachers and the Maths Mastery team for their hard work, you can really see how our pupils have developed their numeracy skills over the past year.”

This is a well-deserved recognition for both Ark Atwood School and Maths Mastery (and ourselves)! who have proven the difference both Mathematics Mastery and dedicated teaching can make in all pupils’ maths education. We are very proud of our involvement with the project and look forward to contributing further with our illustration and design work.

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards Right Start Road Safety Programme
A commendation was awarded to the Right Start programme which aims to provide pedestrian training to all 5 to 7 year olds in Lancashire.

Since 1999, over 22,000 children have been helped through classroom activities and roadside training. We designed the Right Start resources produced for Lancashire County Council Road Safety Group, which includes posters, worksheets, reading and writing aids, a road safety Big Book and a road safety Snakes and Ladders game.

The Bookseller - Children's Bestsellers - Top 10 children's non-fiction
Activity Books - Words and numbers: 3-5 years (for Parragon)
Activity Books - Words and numbers: 5-7 years (for Parragon)

Published and then re-issued a few months later, taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places in the charts, selling over 100,000 copies in total!

ROSPA - Safety Education Magazine
Let's Be Safe Out and About - Big Book and teacher's resource sheets
Classroom resource book produced for Lancashire County Council. Reviewed and recommended for schools by ROSPA.

Practical Parenting Magazine - Reader Recommended BEST BUY
Numbers Train Jigsaw Puzzle for Hazel Mill Toys
Thirty piece jigsaw made from strong board with pop-out numbers and ten carriages that can be used separately. "Beautifully drawn. Children like the colourful train and friendly animals."

Click the image to see a bigger version of the Numbers Train jigsaw puzzle and product details

Lohmann Europe - Annual Marketing Award
Let's Visit the Plaster Room booklet for Vernon Carus Ltd/ Lohmann.
6 pages plus cover, black and white Colouring Information Booklet, for children who have suffered broken limbs and are taken to hospital. Includes A4 "I was very courageous" certificate and badge.

Click the image to see a bigger version of the Let's Be Safe road safety educational pack and product details

Click the image to see a bigger version of the Play and Learn with Words book and product details

Click the image to see a bigger version of the Folens Ireland teacher's resource book and product details

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